Batters, Breadings, and Breadcrumbs
Batters, Breadings, and Breadcrumbs  

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Since 1975 Texas Crumb & Food Products has provided the finest Batters, Breadings, and Bread Crumbs available to Restaurants, Food Manufacturers, Concessionaires, and Food Service Distributors throughout the United States.  We stock a complete line of Standard Items for same day shipping and Custom Blended Product leaves our plant within a week of order.  Look over our web site, or use the Search Tool above to see what we offer, then  Contact Us  and let us know what we can do for you.  Those who need small quantities for home use can now order all of our Standard items in convenient 5 Lb. packages.

Our More Popular Standard Items Include:

NEW!!! Louisiana Style Seafood Stuffing Mix

Batter Mixes


Crushed Crackers/Meal

All Purpose Crispy Batter Mix

Chicken Fried Steak Breading

Medium Crushed Crackers

Hot n Spicy Batter Mix

Onion Ring/Blossom Breading

Fine Crushed Crackers

Hush Puppy Batter Mix

Standard Chicken Breading

Medium Cracker Meal

Jalapeno Hush Puppy Mix

Hot n Spicy Chicken Breading

Fine Cracker Meal

Corn Dog Batter Mix

Chicken Tenders/Wing Breading

Tempura Batter Mix

Standard Fish Fry


Beer Batter Mix

Hot n Spicy Fish Fry

Plain American BreadCrumb

Funnel Cake Batter Mix

Special Blend Fish Fry

Italian Flavored Bread Crumb

Fried Shrimp Coatings

Stuffing Crumb 

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