All-Purpose Batter Spec Sheet

Our General Pick-Up or Fry Batter can be used for all types of frying.  All-Purpose Batter Mix provides a consistent viscosity and a tremendous amount of adhesion and crispness.  This product replaces  Milk/Egg wash normally used in kitchens today.  There is no added flavor or spice in this product and it can be mixed thicker or thinner with no adverse affects.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:   Fill a Tall Round container with 2 to 2 1/2 Quarts (8-10 Cups) cool water.  Whisk in One-pound All-Purpose Batter Mix.  Allow to stand 10 minutes prior to use.  After being mixed, this product, as well as all batter mixes should be kept @ 41 degrees or less in order to minimize bacteria growth.

6 Cups of water will approximate the viscosity of Buttermilk.  Eight Cups will approximate the viscosity of Milk.

USE WITH:   #1002 Pre-Dust and All Texas Crumb and Food Product Breadings

STANDARD PACK SIZE:   1 Lb Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed bag, 20 per Case.  25 Lb poly lined box available.

 Custom Packaging and/or Labeling is available on all our products.

Features Benefits
More adhesion and crispness than other washes Consistently crisp breading that doesn’t fall off
Product can be easily mixed in desired amounts No wasted or unused product
Poly Lined Bag in Box (25 Lb Bulk)

No wasted or spoiled product from torn or wet bags
Product stacks, stores and transports better than bags

Portion Pack Gas Flushed Package (1 Lb) No Guesswork on amount to use.  Less wasted product.  Extremely long shelf life.
Dry Ingredients are Salmonella free. Less chance of bacteria growth
Mix as thick or thin as you like Amount of Breading Pick Up can be easily controlled