ITEM #7640

Full Flavored Louisiana Style Seafood Stuffing Mix.  The Mix is Complete and needs only water and your choice of seafood.


1) Assemble Ingredients

2) Place cooked seafood in a Tall Round container

3) Add Dry Seafood Stuffing packet and thoroughly mix

4) Add Cold water and stir only enough to ensure no dry spots

5) Refrigerate for AT LEAST 8 HOURS prior to serving

6)  DO NOT CONTINUE TO STIR  –  Continued or Repeated stirring will seriously degrade the product

(Remember to use Good Quality filtered Water)

SUGGESTIONS:   Use as a Stuffing for all types of Baked or Broiled Seafood, Chicken Breast, Pork Chops, etc.  Roll into Boulettes and Deep Fry as an appetizer, side item or drop a couple in a bowl of Bisque.  Prepare with CrabMeat for Crab Cakes.  Stuff Shrimp or Crab Shells and Bake, Broil or Deep Fry.  Just for fun put a scoop of heated Stuffing in a broiler safe dish, throw a cheap fish fillet over the Stuffing, while it broils for a few minutes make up a fancy name then charge double for it.  When your customer comes back with friends next week and they all order your creation, you’ll realize you shouldn’t have felt guilty about the price the first time.

Keep an Open Mind……This Stuffing has unlimited Profitable Uses

USE WITH:   Any type of Cooked Seafood – Crab, Shrimp, Flaked Fish, Crawfish, Oysters, Scallops etc.

STANDARD PACK SIZE:   12 Oz and 3 Lb Portion Pack bag, 10 Lb Bulk Poly Lined a Box.

Highest Quality Product with 10 Minute Prep No Guessing in the Kitchen – Add specified amounts of Water & Seafood
Easily Controlled Cost Type and Quality of Seafood is determined by you
Consistent product from day to day. Flavor, Viscosity, Color and Texture always the same
No Mayonnaise, Egg or Dairy products in Mix Greatly Extended life after product is prepared
Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed Bag (3 Lb & 12 Oz Bag) Convenient Sizes, Extremely long Shelf life
10 Lb Case          $47.50

When Prepared as Directed Makes
6 ½ Gallons Stuffing
50 Lbs

3 Lb Bag          $16.50

When Prepared as Directed Makes
2 Gallons Stuffing
15 Lbs

12 Oz Bag          $4.50

When Prepared as Directed Makes
½ Gallon Stuffing
3.75 Lbs

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