Our Mission

To produce for our customers, Batters, Breadings and Bread Crumbs that are second to none in quality.  Our means of accomplishing this is to focus our efforts on this narrow line of closely related items, and producing those items under exacting conditions.


Since 1975 our Dallas plant has specialized in producing the finest quality Batter Mixes, Breadings, BreadCrumb and Related Mixes available to the market. Our Standard House Blends along with Proprietary Products are shipped to Restaurants, Concessionaires, Food Service Distributors, and Food Manufacturers throughout the country on a daily basis. Over the years we have gained the confidence of our existing customers by repeatedly providing the following:


Consistency in your Batters and Breadings, from box to box and batch to batch is the single most important element our products offer. We ensure this by first, specifying the finest quality ingredients available. Secondly, we incorporate these ingredients into your product in a strict and systematic method that is repeatable under the same conditions each and every time. Finally, we package and label your products per your request, just as we did the time before. Conceptually, this is a simple series of steps. In practice, each step is closely controlled and takes a tremendous effort and awareness to accomplish properly.


Our Standard or Custom Blended Batters and Breadings simplify many of your daily procedures. You eliminate missing formula cards, uneven mixing and proportioning, improper labeling, and missing date codes. The number of ingredients you must inventory is reduced, and many of your labor hours are eliminated. Your cost for each item will not vary from batch to batch and your labor costs will be substantially lower.

Customer Service

Our meticulous attention to the details you demand sets us apart from the rest. We know that what is best for your Batters and Breadings is not likely the same as what’s good for another. To us, Customer Service means meeting the specific needs of each and every customer we deal with. We pride ourselves in making that happen each and every day.

Standard Products

We have a full line of “Standard” or “House” Batters and Breadings, many of which are stock and available to ship off the shelf the day they are ordered. The remainder of our standard line is produced to order and is ready to ship in 72 hours or less from the time of order. With these items being made to order, they are always fresh and can be easily modified in any way you wish. We make it easy for you to provide your valued customers exactly what they desire.

Order Quantity and Lead-Time

Standard Stock products are normally packed in 25 Lb. Cartons and are available by the case. They can ship same day or be picked up at any time. Standard items that are not Stock, and Custom Blended Products require a 100 Lb. minimum order and normally take 72 hours to ship. Lead-times on large or repetitive orders are determined individually.

Product Demonstration/Usage

Should the need arise, we gladly work with you and/or your staff, at your location or in our plant, to help develop the optimum usage of any item we produce. Many times we have been able to pinpoint methods or procedures that will help our products perform more appropriately for your situation.


Distribution is accomplished the way you want it. We currently work with many Food Service Vendors and will promptly arrange to work with the vendor of your choice in the event we do not presently do so. Should volume or other reasons not warrant a distributor we are able to arrange direct delivery. Those who handle their own transportation need only tell us when they want to pick up.

Our History

Texas Crumb & Food Products began operation in early 1975 in our present location. Originally producing only BreadCrumbs, the operation was able to focus on producing the finest BreadCrumb on the market. Many changes took place throughout the years and Batters and Breading were a small part of the business. While new projects were attempted, none became viable products. Clean Golden Bread Crumb in various grinds was the primary product and Batters and Complete Breadings remained a smaller part of the business. In early 1991, Das Brot, Inc. purchased the ongoing business activities and changes began to occur. The vision of completing the line of Standard Batters and Breadings was set and Custom Blended products soon followed. Today, Batters and Breadings dominate our production, with proprietary products comprising the largest portion of our production schedule.