3338 Jalapeno Hush Puppy Mix

Jalapeno Hush Puppy mix with real chunks of Jalapeno and consistent Jalapeno flavor.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:   Mix One Pound Jalapeno Hush Puppy Mix with 1 ½ Cups Cold water.  Chill at least 30 Minutes to allow Jalapenos to rehydrate.  Drop by disher (#70 – #100 suggested) into 350-degree oil.  Cook until Brown.

USE WITH:   All type Fish and Seafood.  As an Appetizer, Side Dish or to accompany an Entree

STANDARD PACK SIZE:   25 Lb Poly Liner in a Box and 5 Lb Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed Bag

Custom Packaging and/or Labeling is available on all our products.


Mixes Quick & Easily in One Step. Time/Labor $$ Saved.
Holds up well when mixed. Mixing ahead can minimize Labor.
Consistent Flavor/Heat in each Hush Puppy. No Hot Spots that are unpleasant to some customers.
Product in Poly Lined Bag in Box (25 Lb Bulk). No Waste from Torn or Wet Bags.  Product stacks, stores and ships better.  Box/Liner easy to re-close.
Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed Bag (5 Lb Pack). Substantially increased shelf life.
Product can be mixed in desired amounts. No wasted or unused product.
Popular as Appetizer or Side Dish. High profit to end-user