DESCRIPTION: Finely ground dry coating that provides adhesion for all type of fried items. This Pre-Dust contains no flavors, spices or colorings. It is especially useful on fried vegetables where batter/breading adhesion is difficult to attain.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE WITH DRY BREADING: 1) Coat damp item (meat, chicken or vegetables) with Pre-Dust. Shake off excess. 2) Place item in All Purpose Batter, let excess drain. 3) Coat item with Dry Breading and shake off excess. 4) Fry as usual.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE WITH WET BATTER: 1) Coat damp item (meat, chicken or vegetables) with Pre-Dust. Shake off excess. 2) Completely submerge item in prepared Wet Batter. Let excess drain. 3) Fry as usual. A common practice is to eliminate the step of Pre-Dusting, which allows fried coating to easily fall off. You can make certain your coatings cling to your fried foods by pre-dusting with this product.

USE WITH: All Purpose Batter Mix #3014 or Milk/Egg wash and all types of Batter Coatings and Breadings.

STANDARD PACK SIZE: 25 Lb Poly Liner in a Box and 5 Lb Multiwall paper bag. Custom Packaging and/or Labeling is available on all our products.

BENEFITS: Much greater Adhesion. Prevents soggy product. Less Grease Absorption. Poly Lined Bag in Box. Breadings don’t fall off your fried items. Customer receives Crispier product. More repeat sales. No wasted or spoiled mix from torn or wet bags. Product stacks, stores and transports better than bags. Box & Poly Liner are easy to re-close.



25 Lb Case: $21.75
5 Lb Bag: $5.50

Quantity/Dealer Pricing is available on all our Products.