2010 Random shape BreadCrumb

A very Coarse Stuffing Crumb that is Completely Seed and Grain Free.  This product resembles White Sliced Bread that has been allowed to air dry, then crumbled like one might do at home.  The Stuffing Crumb contains a range of particle sizes from fines all the way up to pieces as large as your thumb.  The Particle Mixture is Uniform and Color is Consistent.  This is of course actual Bread and has a traditional white bread flavor.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  The predominant uses we know of for this product are in all types of Stuffing’s, like Poultry or Seafood, Bread Puddings etc.  We do see it mixed in some in meats like less coarse BreadCrumb is used.

USE WITH:  This item is not normally used with our other Batters and Breadings.

STANDARD PACK SIZE:  15 Lb Multi Wall Paper Bag, 10 Lb poly lined Box


Stuffing Pieces are Random in Shape and Size A Finished product with a Home Made appearance
Produced in our AIB approved Plant Quality and Consistency completely controlled in house by our staff.  Nothing Co-Packed
Seed Free Top Quality BreadCrumb Cleaner, Better Taste and appearance
Specific Granulation on Crumb Size Product is Consistent in Particle Size
No MSG, Flavor Enhancers or Artificial Flavors Quality that will always supplement your fine recipes
Consistent Color from Batch to Batch No need to adjust Recipes for Color