3012 Tempura Batter

 A traditional puff type batter used for all types Vegetables, Seafood, Poultry and Meats.  When fried until Golden Brown the finished product will have a smooth shell that is very Crunchy but without the hard spots normally associated with many Tempuras.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:   Mix One Pound Tempura Batter Mix with 14 oz cold water.  Lightly coat vegetable or meat in Pre-Dust, then dip in Tempura Batter.  Allow excess batter to drain then gently place in 350 – 375 degree oil.  Hold suspended in oil for 5-6 seconds until batter puffs and sets.  Allow item to cook until golden brown.  When fully cooked, batter will be crisp and will hold very well under a heat lamp.

USE WITH:   Pre-Dust #1002.  Pre-Dusting is extremely important for items fried with Tempura.  We recommend our #1002 Pre-Dust however this batter mix can also be used dry as a pre-dust.

STANDARD PACK SIZE:   1 Lb Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed bag – 20 bags to a Case.

Custom Packaging and/or Labeling is available on all our products.


More crispness than other tempuras Consistently crisp breading that doesn’t fall off
Consistent Browning Finished fried items have a consistent Golden Color
Portion Pack Gas Flushed Package (1 Lb) No Guesswork on amount to use.  Less wasted product.  Extremely long shelf life.
No Eggs to Crack Eggshell contamination is never a problem
Dry Ingredients are Salmonella free. Less chance of bacteria growth
Mix with water or Beer Regular Tempura or Beer batter from one package