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Item #1301

DESCRIPTION:  Yellow Corn Meal Based Fish Fry that has a mild but well rounded flavor.  This product has a flavor very similar to the popular Louisiana products on the market today.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Roll chilled moist fish in Standard Fish Fry.  Cook in 350 - 375 degree oil until done

USE WITH:  This type coating for Fish works very well without any type of pick up or fry batter.  If a thicker coating is desired, dry fish can be lightly dusted with flour or Pre-Dust, then dipped in our 3014 All Purpose Batter prior to coating Fish or Shrimp with Standard Fish Fry.

STANDARD PACK SIZE:  25 Lb Poly Liner in a Box and Four - 5 Lb Heat Sealed, Gas Flushed bag

Custom Packaging and/or Labeling is available on all our products.

For a download-able spec sheet, please click here  

(This link is a .pdf file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for Free here  )


Consistent Flavor and Color Your customers receive consistent products
Product can be used in desired amounts No wasted or unused product
Product can be used in desired amounts No wasted or spoiled product from torn or wet bags  Product stacks, stores and transports better than bags
Gas Flushed and Sealed Packaging (5 Lb Bags) Substantially increased shelf life
Gas Flushed and Sealed Packaging (5 Lb Bags) No more time consuming, inconsistent, mixing
Popular flavor profile Flavor is familiar to many of your customers

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